Self-Care: change your relationship with yourself

The other day I was scrolling through my youtube feed and all I could see were videos on self-care rituals, productivity routines, for better-looking skin, better hair, and everything better. Looking at all this got me thinking about what is self-care really and do we really need to incorporate some set methods and ways in our lives to make it better? What are the different aspects of actually taking care of yourself and loving yourself?

Let me start by saying that in this world of outward beauty we often get mistaken that self-care is only about maintaining that! Why are we running behind different ads and products to make our life better. Can we not have a better relationship with ourselves on a non-materialistic tangent? Where the feeling of self-care and self-love just flows.

We need to look at a holistic approach and set a foundation. Let me break down self-care for you.

Starting off with Maintaining your sleep cycle. It has become so easy for us to neglect sleep. All of us have heard that saying that our body is like a machine, and like every machine needs the reboot time so does our body. Sleep is as essential as water for our body. The norm says that you must sleep roughly for 6–7 hours every day. Now the important point here is the quality of your sleep. Some great tips for a good nights sleep:

  • Make a night-time routine( preferably a night time mediation to trigger a sense of calm and relaxation).
  • Cut-off the use of electronic devices during night hours.
  • Eat less before sleeping.
  • Reduce your caffeine consumption.

The second point would be having a Proper and balanced diet. Do I even need to stress at this point? It is really about self-care and taking care of yourself inside out. Our body, tissues, organs everything is an extension of what we put inside our body, after all, what we eat we become. Trying out different diet plans and seeing what works best for you is the key here. One of the most effective methods that I have come across is intermittent fasting. Now, these eating habits should not just be incorporated into your life for a small amount of time, but they should become a part of your lifestyle.

Physical Fitness, well according to Wikipedia, physical fitness is a state of health and well-being, specifically the ability to perform various aspects of sports, occupation, and daily activities. Something that gets your heart pumping! To explain further do you feel good inside your body, do you feel healthy? Are you disease-free?

We all have that gym and that yoga class near our homes, but how many of us actually make it there. There are countless benefits of physical activities such as improving heart problems, helping in mental health issues, improving your mood, basically making the quality of your life better. And this is definitely one of the best ways of showing some love to yourself.

Taking Care of your skin and hair. we see so many ads and products out there in the market these days of how to make your skin crystal clear and your hair healthy. But the one thing that these brands don’t tell us is for your skin and hair to look beautiful you will have to work and nourish on the inside as well. Really taking out that time of the day and make a skincare ritual, eating the best diet, drinking lots and lots of water

Mental and spiritual wellbeing. This is one aspect of our self-care journey that gets ignored a lot. We might entirely take care of our physical body but in such a fast-paced life people often overlook their mental health. Mental health comprises of emotional health, feelings, how you think and react to your life situations, psychological wellbeing, how you handle the general stressful situations in your life. You can find various ways to take care of your mental health and keep in touch with yourself because it is a continuous journey of self-love.

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